2 year anniversary

Adding item to the top toolbar

The navigation structure and how it is presented to the user just might be the most important part of your site. It lets the user travel through the pages of your site and keeps them informed of where they are. 



import V = require("VCL/VCL");
export function start() {

    V.Application.CurrencyDecimals = 2;
    V.Application.ApplicationBrandName = "Contoso LTD";
    V.Application.ApplicationTitle = "VCL.JS App";
    V.Application.MainPage = "PageHome";
    V.Application.AuthenticationRequired = false;
    //add application navigation bar here
    V.Application.addNavbarItem("Home", "icon-home icon-white", () => {
    //add application navigation bar here
    V.Application.addNavbarItem("Customers", "icon-home icon-white", () => {
       //navigate to the page

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  • Chris

    tip: if you change the navbar contexts later, after calling run(), make sure to call V.Application.refreshDefaultPage(); to update the nav bar.