2 year anniversary

Using Combobox


import V = require("VCL/VCL");
export class PageHome2 extends V.TPage {
   constructor() {
      var combo = new V.TCombobox(this, "cob");
      //add key value to the combobox
      var col1 = combo.createItem("1", "James Harden");      
      combo.createItem("2", "doctor j");
      combo.createItem("3", "larry bird");
      combo.createItem("4", "Kevin Durant");
      combo.createItem("5", "Jacob");
      combo.createItem("6", "Mason");
      var col2 = combo.createItem("7", "Ethan");
      combo.createItem("8", "Noah");
      combo.createItem("9", "William");
      combo.LabelVisible = true;
      combo.LabelText = "Players";
      combo.FitToWidth = true; //combo will take the 100% of parent width.
      combo.MultipleSelect = true;
      combo.SelectedItems = [col1, col2];
      combo.onChanged = () => {
         //get the currently selected record
         var arr = combo.SelectedItems;


<div style="width:100px">
    <div id="cob"/>

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