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Using TTabPage,TTabPanel and TTabSheet


Using TTabPage,TTabPanel and TTabSheet

//example of tab page creation

import V = require("VCL/VCL");

export class TabTest extends V.TPage {
constructor() {

    //create first page
    var pnl = new V.TTabPanel(this, "pnl1");
    pnl.Height = 300;

    var inp1 = new V.TInput(pnl, "input1");
    inp1.LabelText = "First Name";

    //create second page
    var pnl2 = new V.TTabPanel(this, "pnl2");
    pnl2.Height = 300;
    var inp1 = new V.TInput(pnl2, "input2");
    inp1.LabelText = "Last Name";

    //create tabpage and add the two panel's as tabsheet content
    var tab: V.TTabPage = new V.TTabPage(this, "tab");
    var sheet :V.TTabSheet = tab.createTabSheet("Page 1", pnl);
    var sheet2: V.TTabSheet = tab.createTabSheet("Page 2", pnl2);


<div class="row">
    <div id="tab" class="span12">

<div id="pnl1"><div id="input1"/></div>
<div id="pnl2"><div id="input2"/></div>

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